Flood restoration is our most common emergency call. No matter how small the flood, the effects are always disruptive to the home. Whether the cause is a faulty appliance, a sewer backup, an overflowing fixture or water from an exterior source, if damage is left untreated it can create a whole host of serious problems. Our team of professionals acts quickly during these emergency calls and will be on site to restore your home as soon as possible.

In the tragic event of a flood or fire, call our team at 250-426-8321. You can call us before you even call your insurance company. Let us get started on the restoration process right away, and minimize the damage.. We are here to help 24/7.

For Immediate Help

NOTE: If this is an emergency requiring Fire Department, Ambulance or Police, call 911.

Our restoration team is available 24/7 so don’t hesitate to call us now:

Phone: 250-426-8321
Toll: 1-855-426-8321

Insurance Claims: Time Is Of The Essence

As the property owner, you have the final say in who does work on your home – this means that you can call us before you call your insurance company to ensure that things get taken care of immediately. Expediting insurance claims with efficient, quality restoration work benefits everyone: the client and the insurer.

At New Dawn Restorations we understand the dynamics involved with processing claims and work with all parties to ensure all restoration work exceeds expectations. The insurance company wants to know that all efforts were in place to stop any further damage – that’s where we come in! Disaster can strike your home at any time and we understand how stressful this can be. The first priority is getting your family safe and then calling in the professionals to start restoring your beloved home. Let us handle some of the stress so you can focus on other issues arising.